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Paton Group

Paton Group is focused on education technology in areas of design, prototyping, advanced manufacturing and fabrication including industry-leading manufacturers of CAD/CAM Software, CNC mills and lathes, laser engravers, robotics, reverse engineering/CMM and 3D printers. 

Paton Group logo
Sales Territory

Paton Group sells CTE and STEM products in:

  • California

  • Hawaii

  • Nevada

Product Categories

Paton Group sells CTE and STEM products in the following categories:

  • 3D Printers

  • 3D Scanners

  • CNC Machines & Solutions

  • Laser Cutters

  • Quality Control

  • STEM Toys

  • Vacuum Forming Machines

  • Vinyl Cutters/UV Printers

  • Welding Training Equipment

Primary Contact

Frank Paton


Paton Group sales territory
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